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Contemplations of a Karateka

Beyond the Black

I'm 17. I've been studying Kenpo since August of 2004. I was under an astounding Kenpo black belt up through most of my first degree brown belt. In a variety of situations, his manager (my surrogate mom) left him to open her own studio. After much consideration and prayer, I followed several months later. I achieved my black belt on May 30th of 2008.
While this may sound like a cool scenario, it's not. Yes, I have a few aquaintances at the new studio, but most of my friends (especially the threesome I've grown up with) are still back at the old studio. The hardest part is my boyfriend, who is ironically a black belt at the old studio. We started dating before I even considered leaving, but it hurt him that I "left him" and the old studio.
The new studio is indeed new, but it is also very different. Sometimes, it's better; other times, it's much much worse.
It's been seven months. I thought the stories would be old, the drama over - but this is only the beginning.
This is my story: beyond the black.